HOW TO:  Use a Gua Sha


what is a GUA SHA?

Gua Sha is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and translates as scraping. Gua Sha releases stuck toxins and impurities allowing them to enter the bloodstream and be released through they lymphatic system. Muscle tension is also released and alleviated through the process.

how to use a gua sha

Prep your skin by washing your face and doing your usual skin care routine.  Use gentle and light pressure. You can use more medium to firm pressure where you carry more tension such as your shoulders, neck and jaw. – Use a 15 degree angle and support skin with opposite handing.  Start with your neck and repeat each step 3-5 times (up to 10 if you have time). Wiggle the stone slightly at the end of each step.

how often should i do gua sha?

In the beginning I’d recommend starting with 2-3 nights per week. If you find your skin and your schedule can tolerate it, you can add more.

what are the benefits? 

– Promotes lymphatic drainage – Decreases discoloration from sun damage and acne scars Detox and de-puffs (works great for under eyes!) Clears blockages and buildup of toxins and excess fluid – Gently calms the nervous systems and helps you to feel less stressed – Restores mobility and tissue elasticity AND MORE!!!!