When I left diet culture in 2018 it was not an easy decision for me. It took me several months to take the leap and venture out “on my own”.

What awaited me though has been worth the work. I’m feeling more confident each day with my decision to leave diet culture and each and every day more women are taking a stand and reaching for a life that is not surrounded by rules, restrictions and fears around food and body image.

Diet Culture Dropout Resources

  1. Balance365

    I found Balance365 the end of 2018 and felt like I’d finally found my tribe! I’d been exploring intuitive eating on my own and felt like I still needed people who understood why leaving diet culture was important to me and would remind me why chasing the next fad diet wasn’t what I wanted for my life anymore. I use the Balance365 program to stay on top of my recovery and receive support and encouragement for life without dieting.

  2. Intuitive Eating book

    This book was really helpful to me to take it step by step. I shared my journey with each step on my blog as well and how I approached it. I am so glad I have the foundation of intuitive eating and laid the groundwork for a healthy relationship with food. This book is a great resource and explanation for someone who has been part of diet culture for many years and has lost “communication” with their own hunger signals and resisting food rules.

  3. Podcasts

    I love listening to podcasts.

    They are a quick motivational speech in my car or while folding laundry and I always leave with a new piece of information that can help me on my journey. I’m listing 3 of my favorite podcasts below. I have others, but these are a great start.

    Something to keep in mind as well when listening to podcasts is you may not agree with EVERYTHING that one person says or shares. That’s ok. It’s good to hear things of a different perspective so you can truly learn how you personally feel about a topic.

    1. Balance365 Life Radio (Annie Brees, Jen Campbell & Lauren Koski)
    2. Nutrition Redefined (Stephanie Webb)
    3. You Can Eat With Us (Libre Connections

I hope these resources give you a great start to your journey without diet culture. I’d love to have you in my Facebook group as well if you want even more support to live a healthy, balanced and happy lifestyle!