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I want to help you learn to love your body well.

Nourishment comes in all forms. It’s not only in the food we eat but also in the relationships we are in, the way we move our bodies, the products we use, and the way we talk to ourselves. I invite you to learn to love your body well, from the inside out.

Meet the blogger

Hi, I’m Amy!

Welcome! It’s my passion to help women embrace the wellness journey they are on and learn how to love their body from a place of self love while making positive changes for optimal wellness.

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Mind over Matter

The first step on any wellness journey is mindset. The thoughts you have about yourself are more powerful than you may realize. This is the first step in changing your lifestyle, one habit at a time.

Are you ready to clean up your environment?

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease prompted me to focus on the root cause of my illness and focus on ways to improve my health from the inside out. Perfection is never the goal (because no one is perfect), but being mindful about the products we use and the impact they could potentially have on our health is an area of wellness I’ve become very passionate about.