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5 Clean Beauty Product Swaps

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When you begin swapping out products you use every day for cleaner (aka less toxic) products, the process can be overwhelming. Here is the good news, you don’t need to do it all at once! I’m breaking it down and sharing 5 simple clean beauty product swaps.

Start with a few things and slowly replace your products with cleaner ingredients that are safer for your body and home.

Tips when switching to clean beauty products

  • Start with a product that you are almost out of. This is an easy way to begin replacing what you currently use. You don’t have to throw out everything you’ve been using, just replace products as you run out of what you are currently using.
  • Replace your most toxic products first. How do you know what is the most toxic? EWG.org is a great start. I love learning from Irina at I Read Labels for You and also Karalynne from Just Ingredients. These women are just a few of many resources!
    When you start diving into the research it can feel really overwhelming. Don’t get overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time. You don’t have to make major changes all at once, small changes over time can still make a great impact!
  • Perfection doesn’t exist. We live in a toxic world so it’s impossible to avoid all toxins, but we can try to decrease the amount we are using. There will likely be a few products that will feel impossible to find a cleaner version of. Keep trying to find a replacement if possible, and if not, that’s ok. Expecting perfection is unrealistic.

I’m going to share a few of the most simple clean beauty swaps I’ve found. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.

Swap #1 Dry Shampoo

I used to wash my hair every day. Then I had kids. I simply do not have time to wash my hair every day and I’ve realized it’s actually better for my hair to give it a break anyways. Dry shampoo is a saving grace, but finding one that works can be tricky.

For a less toxic dry shampoo, I opt for one without the use of aerosol. Getting used to powdered dry shampoo takes some time, so be patient. Now I prefer a powder dry shampoo to the aerosol cans!

Just Ingredients Dry Shampoo- What I love about this dry shampoo is you have the option for light or dark hair, and also vanilla mint or coconut vanilla scented. The scents are not strong and are not added fragrances, they are from citrus and mint essential oils so they are mild and pleasant.
The only drawback to this one is the pump can get clogged. If you tap it it will unclog and you’ll be back in business.
You can use the discount code AMY10 on the Just Ingredients website for 10% off.

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo- This is another fantastic option for a cleaner dry shampoo. They also provide 2 options for dark or light hair. This one doesn’t use added fragrance either but is scented mildly with essential oils of grapefruit, lavender and peppermint.
I do prefer how this one is dispensed as you can just sprinkle it on your roots and where you need it on your scalp.

Swap #2 Body Wash

Your skin is your body’s largest organ… so we should be mindful of what we put on it shouldn’t we? They say it only takes 26 seconds for a product placed on the skin to enter your bloodstream. Since hearing this years ago I’ve been very mindful of what I put ON my skin.

Attitude Super Leaves- I love this brand. I’m impressed by their low score on EWG of 2. EWG’s standards help consumers make the best possible choices by opting for ingredients with low health risks, allowing people to live in healthier environments. Their body wash works great and I use this one for my toddler as well.

Beautycounter Body Wash– Not only do I enjoy using this body wash, I appreciate the Beautycounter mission of making all beauty clean beauty and their commitment to safety standards. They have 1,800+ ingredients that they will never put in their products due to their potentially harmful nature, the US currently only bans 11. Once you start digging into cleaner ingredients, you can’t unsee how harmful some products on the market potentially are.
I also buy this Beautycounter body wash for my guys and it works great!

Swap #3 Deodorant

I made the commitment to wear natural deodorant after attending the Natural Products Expo in California several years ago. I couldn’t believe how many natural deodorants were offered, and after talking with so many vendors, it was clear that this was a very simple change I could make that would have a great impact on my health.

Switching to natural deodorant is tough though. You have to go through a detox phase and let me tell you… it can be a bit stinky! We aren’t used to sweating the way we should because normal deodorants have antiperspirants in them which stop the sweating. NEWS FLASH… SWEATING IS GOOD. That’s how our bodies detox naturally and get rid of toxins so please don’t be afraid of it!

I’ve tried several deodorants and these are the only 3 I like. My tried and true favorite is Primally Pure, but I wanted to provide 2 other options that work pretty well for me because this is so personal to your body chemistry. My advice, is don’t stop trying if you try one brand and it doesn’t work! Keep searching and you’ll find a good one that works well for you.

Also, a great tip is to use a charcoal mask to help pull out impurities once a week as you are transitioning, or anytime you feel you are stinkier than usual.

Primally Pure- My all-time favorite natural deodorant is their charcoal deodorant. I wrote a blog post all about it here. Charcoal has detoxifying benefits and I have never had a problem with it turning my clothes black.

a woman holding two deodorants

Beautycounter Clean Deo– This one comes in 3 different scents and it is refillable so you are able to reduce waste as well!

Just Ingredients Magnesium Deodorant– I love magnesium so any chance I get to use it I do! I’ve tried this brand in the sweet citrus but I think I’d also love the vanilla mint because I have the dry shampoo in that scent and it’s wonderful, and not overpowering! Code AMY10 saves you 10% on all Just Ingredient products.

Swap #4 Toothpaste

I’d love to be able to give you more than one option for toothpaste but RiseWell is hands down my favorite. I absolutely love not only their toothpaste but this company. I have been so impressed by them since I started using their products in 2020.

A woman holding up 2 tubes of toothpaste

I have an entire blog post sharing my honest review of their toothpaste here.

I use their mint-flavored toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. My kids use their cake batter toothpaste and all 3 of them love it. I’ve converted many friends over to RiseWell who fell in love with it as I have! If you use code LYBW10 you’ll receive 10% off your order.

Swap #5 Body Lotion

I worked at Bath and Body Works for a few years back in college. I was a sucker for a smelly lotion. Now, the thought of using that makes me cringe if I’m honest. We had to remove all fragrances in our home when our second kiddo was born because he was super sensitive to them.

Once you remove fragrances from your lifestyle, you realize how overpowering so many of them are! The lotions I am sharing are mildly scented (with safer ingredients).

Primally Pure Body Butter- and it feels like butter for real. My favorite scent is Almond + Vanilla. It feels luxurious and creamy and heavenly. This would also make a wonderful gift for someone because it feels like a treat. Can you tell I love it?!

a woman putting lotion on her hands

Beautycounter Hydrating Body Lotion– This is a great everyday lotion that is light and fresh. The scent is citrus mimosa (p.s. you won’t smell like you’ve been drinking!) and it’s refreshing and clean. They also have a great hand cream in the same scent.

When removing toxins from your beauty products and opting for clean beauty, be patient with yourself and the process.

You have likely used the same products for years, and change can be hard. But, as I always say, change can be good, too.

Switching to clean beauty products can help you live a healthier life by removing toxins from your body every day. What’s one product you think you could change starting today?

Affiliate links & discounts for products shared in this post

Now tell me, what is one simple clean beauty product swap you think you can try first?

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