My One Word Instead of a New Year’s Resolution

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What is my one word instead of a new year’s resolution this year?

Focus on the journeyIt’s January 5th and this post was supposed to be out on January 1st. I think part of the reason I’ve put it off is because once I share it I’ll have people to hold me accountable… and that’s scary. Every year I choose a one word. So, what is my one word instead of a New Year’s resolution this year?

Last year my word was intentional, and it evolved into intentionally brave, you can read what I mean here.

I want to continue to be intentional and brave… but this year, more than any other year, I want to TRUST.

What is my one word instead of a new year's resolution this year? Trust.

It took me a long time to come up with a word. But, when I really thought about it, part of the reason I was having a hard time is because I’m a little scared for what God could have in store for me this year… when I got down to the bottom of my uneasiness that is when it became crystal clear.  

Trust had to be my word.

It had to be because it stirred something in me. It wasn’t safe. It isn’t comfortable… but, it absolutely feels like what I need to be doing.

Trusting isn’t always easy.

In fact, trusting can be really really hard. Because when we surrender it all we say to God, “I know what I want, but I also know that you know what is better for me than I do and so here I am! Use me!” And sometimes the path He can take us down is downright scary.

Scary doesn’t feel good in the beginning, but I’ve learned that scary is usually followed by a RUSH. A rush of joy and hope. I am embracing the fear in hopes that joy and purpose will follow.

I know a lot of people have a list of New Year’s resolutions (hey husband… I see you 😉  )  I used to do that, and at the end of the year I’d look back over the list of things I had wanted to accomplish and felt defeated. I felt like I fell short, when in reality, I probably didn’t.

When I heard the idea of choosing just ONE word to focus on for the year I loved it, and it took the pressure off to achieve a million little things. The one word is weaved into my daily life and gives me something to focus on when I’m making decisions.

Since my husband still makes a giant list of resolutions, we do have a few goals for our family this year but for me personally, I just don’t want the pressure of a long list anymore. If you feel the pressure of resolutions, I encourage you to try just choosing one word to be your focus for the year.

Trusting is going to stretch me. It’s going to test my faith. It’s going to make me feel uncomfortable… it’s January 5th and I’m already uncomfortable and scared with a few decisions and trusting is exactly what I’m doing right now.

I know if I remain focused on WHY I want to trust, God will show me the reason He put this word on my heart this year. In what areas do I want to trust more?

  • I want to trust that I can maintain my weight loss after reaching goal.
  • I want to trust that God can help my youngest son sleep through the night 😉  Ha! But seriously, I want to trust that this stage of motherhood is just a phase and allow God to help me become the best Mom I can be for my boys.
  • I want to trust that God helps give me rest when I need it, and I will be listen to the needs of my body and take it.
  • I want to trust that God can do more with our finances than we can.
  • I want to continue to trust God with my marriage, because no marriage is perfect. I trust that God gave me this man forever, and I will spend another year fighting for US, for our family and for the kind of love that still give me butterflies.
  • I want to trust where God is taking my story. Sharing my journey is not always easy but it’s not about me. I trust that God will continue to show me how to share my beautifully broken journey in a way that does not glorify me… but always gives ALL the glory to Him. I didn’t save myself… God saved me.

What is my one word instead of a new year's resolution this year? Trust.Do you need to trust more?

Do you want to be more brave?

Do you want to simplify?

If you could choose only one word for 2018… what would that word be?

Embrace it… and make it your best year yet. I’m rooting for you.







My one word for 2018 is trust.




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  1. You are so brave and wonderful, thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts with us, you give me so much strengh!!! Have an amazing brave year!!

  2. This is powerful thoughtful and brave! God is absolutely using you to encourage others and I’m thanking Him right now for my mornings random google search that led me to you .. my new sister in Christ! You got this! And I do too! Because of his Grace and unwavering love. Jennifer G in NC

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