Daily Habits: Make Your Bed (Kids too!)

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With the kids home I’ve decided to use this time to teach them some life skills such as unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, miscellaneous cleaning tasks and making their bed.

a young boy smiling on top of his bed

Years ago I started a daily habit of making my bed and I swear it makes me happier and more productive!

I’m not a person who thrives on systems, though I really want to be, and it’s something I’m working on to be honest. But, I do have a consistent morning routine.

The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is

  • brush my teeth
  • change out of my pj’s (most mornings)
  • make my bed
  • take my thyroid medication

I work from home and when I started making my bed every morning it felt so good when I’d have to go into my bedroom throughout the day and the bed was made.

I can’t describe it other than to say it felt like it decreased my stress. Who would have known making your bed could actually reduce stress?

This is a daily habit I think is important, therefore when I was thinking of a few chores for kids, this was the first habit I wanted to focus on.

What I quickly realized is making a traditional bed is a bit tricky for kids, especially my 4 year old. Plus, my kids don’t use the top sheet so it was always at the bottom which meant they’d only pull the blanket up and if I’m honest, the beds just weren’t made in such a way that actually looked picked up.

I’d heard about Beddy’s and decided to look into them and see if it was a solution for our family. I showed the boys the videos and they were so excited… they couldn’t wait to make their beds!

Seriously… I’m not exaggerating. My oldest literally asked me every single day after I ordered them when they would be here. They were pumped!

We got them last week and I have to admit… Beddy’s are awesome! It takes the boys a few quick minutes and their beds are made every morning and they are excited to do it!

A boy smiling on top of his beddy's bed.

What are Beddy’s Beds?

Beddy’s are an all in one bedding set designed by a Mom who was needing a solution for making her children’s bunk beds.

The bedding comes with everything you need to make your bed

  • Sewn in sheet
  • Pillowcase and sham
  • Smooth zippers
  • Detachable top sheet
  • Minky lining (SO soft and cozy!)
  • Heavy duty elastic that fits large mattresses as well
  • Oh… and you can wash it all in your washing machine! MOM WIN!
A beddy's bed made in a boys room

How do you wash Beddy’s Bedding?

I have found the easiest way for me to wash it is to wash the two parts separately. I unzip the top sheet from the bottom and wash the bottom first, and then the top.

I use a fragrance free detergent for our laundry because I have kiddos with sensitive skin.

Tips for making your bed

  • Remove any clutter from the bed. Remove all stuffed animals and extra pillows first. I have a drawer that all but a few stuffed animals has to go into each night to minimize the clutter. You could also use a having stuffed animal hammock.
  • Make it a daily habit by being a good role model. Let them see you make your bed and it will make them more willing to make their own.
  • If they need some coaxing, let them pick out a special pillow or stuffed animal to place on their bed that they’ll be excited to complete the job with.
A Beddy's Bed made in a boys room

Why is it important to make your bed?

  • You’ve started your day by being productive! That can have a ripple effect throughout your entire day!
  • Less clutter = Less stress. There is a lot of research about this, and the older I get the more I truly believe it. When my house is more in order, I feel less overwhelmed and making my bed every morning is a great start.
  • Honestly, it just looks better and in turn, feels better when your bed is made.

I bought Beddy’s for my boys rooms but they come in all sizes! I may even get a King size Beddy’s for our room someday! If you’d like to check them out for your home, you can use code AMY for 15% off on their website.

Now I’m curious… do you make your bed everyday? Have I convinced you you just might feel better if you start!?!

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