Ditch the Diet New Year Resolution

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January is right around the corner and we are about to be bombarded with messages from diet culture about how you can lose weight fast, as if losing weight is the one answer to all of our problems.

a heart filled with words and pictures displaying a healthy lifestyleI lost over 100 pounds a few years ago and let me tell you this… it didn’t solve the majority of my problems and actually created some new ones. I’m not saying there were no benefits to the weight I lost, but I’ve learned that there is a lot more to health (and life) than how much I weigh.

So, what if your goal is to get healthy in the new year? That’s ok!  

Going on a restrictive diet is not the only way to focus on your health.  Today I’m sharing 10 New Year’s resolution ideas when you want to make your health a priority. And who knows, some of these tips could lead to lower body weight, but I would rather that not be your only focus. Health is about much more than just weight!


  1. Get more sleepBaby sleeping on a bed

    This is first on the list because it’s an area I am going to be focusing on in 2020. Sleep is so important.  Our body heals as we sleep and if we aren’t getting enough of it, our body isn’t recovering.

    Getting more sleep can also reduce stress and help us be more active during the day. 
    According to the Mayo Clinic adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Are you getting the minimum sleep you need?

    Tip to try:  Set a bedtime reminder on your phone to remind you to turn the lights out!

  2. Drink more water

    Water is so important for a number of things, but I find the more water I drink, the better I feel. When I go several hours without water and I’m drinking other things, I begin to develop a headache or just generally don’t feel that great. If I add water, even one glass, it almost instantly makes me feel better.

    Tip to try:  Buy a stainless steel water bottle that you can carry with you and never leave the house without it!

  3. Add new fruits and vegetables to your plateA woman with a watermelon in front of her face

    Fruits and vegetables can be difficult to start incorporating, but over time, I hope you can find a few you enjoy. The only way to find out which ones you enjoy is to try them!
    I recently thought I hated brussels sprouts because I’d tried them years ago and didn’t care for them. Much to my surprise after roasting them I really enjoyed them! SO, if you think you don’t like one, try it again, who knows, your taste buds may have changed!

    Tip to try:  Don’t go to the store and load up your cart with a bunch of produce you’ll throw away. Start with one fruit or vegetable, and add more next time.

  4. Try a new workout A woman in a white shirt holding a bar method ball

    A few years ago I tried a new-to-me workout that had always intimidated me. A friend invited me and I went, even though I was super nervous.

    That was 3 years ago and I have been an avid Bar Method client ever since. I am incredibly grateful for an amazing workout. Don’t be afraid to try something new, it just might be your new favorite way to move!

    Tip to try:  Invite a friend! Start something new together and hold each other accountable to make it a priority.

  5. Reduce stress

    I’d like to meet someone who doesn’t feel stressed. Sadly, I think all of us are under far too much stress. How can you reduce it in the coming year?  What can you say no to? What can you delegate off your plate?

    This is one of my goals for 2020, and it feels really hard if I can be honest, but I know it’s important so I’m going to find a way to make it possible!

    Tip to try:  Talk to someone about your stress. Sometimes sharing what is going on with someone else can help you process what changes need to be made, or they may have suggestions for how to help you reduce your stress.

  6. Visit your doctorblack and white photo of a stethoscope

    When was the last time you had a wellness exam or had a blood panel done to see how your body is functioning? This is your reminder to make sure that is on your calendar next year. I hate going too… but we only get one body.  Let’s make it a priority.

    Tip to try:  Add a reminder in your calendar to schedule it each year so you don’t forget.

  7. Schedule a chiropractic visit

    I cannot live without my chiropractor.  Seriously.  I know not everyone visits one but I share more about my body and my health with my chiropractor to be honest.

    I’ve had some health issues this year that my chiropractor has actually helped me through and has been an incredible resource for ways to help me feel better.

    If you are in the Kansas City area I see Dr. Therese Finan. My kids see Dr. Josh Van Zandt and also Jake and Jordan Chambers at Green Key Haven.  These health providers are incredibly special people to us and have helped all of us feel better this year!

    Tip to try:  If you’ve never been to a chiropractor I’d ask a friend for a referral. I think doctors and chiropractors are great to find from someone you know and trust.

  8. Clean up your environment

    Clutter stresses me out.  When my house is a mess, my mind is a mess. With that said there are still places that need organized in my home (hello, pantry).

    When things are organized I feel less stress and can focus on my family and/or my work better. I read a long time ago that when one thing is a mess lots of things are such as finances, food choices, house, relationships, etc. I find the more organized I am the more in control I feel in other areas of my life.

    Tip to try:  Tackle a “small” mess first, not your biggest. When you clean it up you’ll feel good and have satisfaction sooner than if you tackle a large project that will take you months to organize.

  9. Limit screen timeA woman holding an iPhone

    I spend way too much time on my phone. Granted, it is part of being a blogger, but I still hate feeling so dependent on it. I know I’m not the only one who picks up my phone to look at something that should take a few minutes and before I know it a significant amount of time has passed and I’ve wasted it mindlessly scrolling social media. It frustrates me daily if I’m honest and is a habit I’m working to break.

    Tip to try:  Leave your phone in another room, especially if you are trying to be productive. If your phone is close to you it is easier to pick it up subconsciously!

  10. Spend more time with people who make you happy3 girls with their back turned to the camera with a blue stripe wall

    Do you have people in your life that you leave and you just feel good?  Make a point to spend more time with people who make you feel good.  

    Surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and encourage you. Surround yourself with people who challenge you to dream big and want to see you succeed.

    Surround yourself with people who love you like family. Those are your people, and the more time you spend with people who bring a smile to your face, the happier you will be.

    Tip to try:  Put a date on the calendar each month with someone who brings you joy!

My wish for you and your health is a life focused on how you FEEL. I hope you feel empowered, strong, comfortable and confident!


Going on a restrictive diet is not the only way to focus on your health.  Here's 10 New Year resolution ideas when you want to make your health a priority.

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