One Word of the Year (2022)

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It’s January 1st and today is a brand new chapter of a brand new year. I’m ready for it, are you? I love choosing a word of the year instead of making a resolution because it allows me to focus on a theme for the year. Sure, there are lots of little resolutions tied to this word, but having a word to use as a mantra always simplifies it for me.

2021 had it’s fair share of challenges. I learned a lot of lessons. I grew a lot. I grew even more into my authentic self. I spent time reflecting on what I want, what I need to let go of and what I need to create more space for.

Which brings me to my word of the year for 2022.


The word, space, has been popping up all over the place the last month or so. And you might be asking yourself, “what does she mean by space?”

Let me tell you.

My focus in 2022 is creating more space for me, because when I am in a healthy place, everyone around me benefits. When I am flustered, out of whack and stressed, everyone around me suffers.

There are a lot of areas I want to focus on but I am walking into this brand new year with a lot of grace, knowing that this is not going to be easy for me.

I want to take care of everyone. I want to be the one to fix it. I want to be in control.

I’ve learned I can’t take care everyone, I am not the only to fix things and I am 100% not going to be in control all the time. And that’s ok.

So, here I am putting the intention out there to create space to focus on myself so I can be the best version of me so I can be a better Mom, a better wife and a better human being.

I’m going to share some areas where I want to create space. This is literally a brain dump. I won’t be focusing on all these areas from the start, but from this list I can refine my focus and decide where to start first.

  • More space for family time. To be more intentional about taking time to make simple and quiet memories, while also making big special memories like our first family beach trip in summer 2022.
  • More space to focus on my health. I have been very focused on my health since my Hashimoto’s diagnosis in 2019, but I want to go deeper this year. I know some of the things that are holding me back and I’m excited to get focused more intentionally on ways to feel better in my body.
  • More white space on our calendar. I am going to be very intentional about what gets put on the calendar. I’ve gotten better at saying no and not allowing myself to overcommit. I reached my max last year and I don’t like feeling like I miss out on the everyday joys because we are going a million miles an hour.
  • More space in our finances. We are a family who budgets and thinks about our financial health often. I don’t love budgets but I don’t have much of a choice since I’m married to a finance guy! He keeps me grounded and we have big goals for what we want for our family and I need to do my part and basically learn to get our grocery budget down. Pray for me 🙂 But really, if I can figure how to decrease the grocery budget of a gluten free, dairy free, organic family… I’ll share!
  • More space in my mind. My mind has felt flustered for a long time. I need to give it some space. I started meditating in 2021 and plan to continue doing that this year. I want more time to read a book, sit with my thoughts, journal. I need to slow waaaaay down.

I’m excited for this year. While I have big goals for myself personally and in my business, I know that creating space is only going to help me because I will feel more refreshed and recharged.

Do you choose a word of the year? I’d love to know what your intention is for 2022 in the comments.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and blessed New Year.

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  1. My word for 2022 is action. I am great at planning, writing calendars for workouts, podcasts n trainings that interest me, meal plans & activities in my area. I lack follow through.

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