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Air Fryer Ham, Cheese & Egg Salad Sandwich

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Last week I shared an Avocado Egg Salad recipe that I’d created. As I was testing that recipe I had a GENIUS idea (in my opinion) to recreate a sandwich that I absolutely LOVE from a local cafe.

Egg Salad in a white bowl being stirredOne of our focuses lately has been saving money.

I’m becoming a master at meal planning for our family and started implementing bi-weekly grocery trips instead of several trips throughout the week. Those mid-week trips for “just a few things” were racking up a lot of unnecessary spending.

It’s taken a lot of work the last 2.5 months but the amount of money we are saving, on food especially, is crazy! You don’t realize how much money you are wasting until you really try to cut back… and thankfully, it’s becoming more and more effortless the longer we live this way.

Part of cutting back on expenses is also limiting how often we eat out. We were spending way too much grabbing lunches out or dinners on the weekends.

But sometimes you crave the foods from your favorite restaurants! Am I right?!?

That is how this Air Fryer Ham, Cheese & Egg Salad Sandwich came to life!

Air Fryer Ham and Cheese with Egg Salad on a bagel on a black plate with vegetablesAs I was creating the Avocado Egg Salad recipe a light bulb went off… literally, just ask my son who was standing next to me. I got so excited to make this sandwich I started jumping up and down! Seriously… he thought I’d lost my mind!

Once you make it you’ll know why I was so excited though because it’s SO good. The best part about this is it is easy and incredibly filling. This meal is going to leave you satisfied for several hours because it’s packed with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats!

It can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on when you crave it!

It only takes 4 simple ingredients

  1. Bagel (I also like Bagel Thins from Thomas Breads)
  2. Deli sliced Ham
  3. Sliced cheese- my favorite is Colby Jack
  4. Avocado Egg Salad

Air fryer basket with a bagel in it with ham and cheese on one side of the sliced bagel

Have you joined the Air Fryer craze yet?

I love using my Air Fryer for a lot of things such as

I’m going to be creating even more recipes for my Air Fryer so stay tuned! It comes in SO handy for quick meals for the kids especially. I use the NuWave Air Fryer and purchased it off Amazon.

Overhead view of air fryer ham and cheese with egg salad on a black plate with vegetables

For this recipe you will prepare place the bagel with ham and cheese in your air fryer and prepare your egg salad while it is cooking. You will have a balanced and filling sandwich in under 10 minutes!

Interested in saving money at the grocery store?

If you are focusing on saving money too, here are few apps I am using while grocery shopping to earn money back on items I already purchase. Some of the links listed below are affiliate links and I may receive points or commission if you should decide to join. PS- if you do join… share with your friends too so YOU can earn more rewards!

If you have any money saving apps you use I’d love to know what they are! Please share in the comments below!

Air Fryer Ham, Cheese & Egg Salad Sandwich

A delicious recipe that can be eaten for any meal!  The Air Fryer Ham, Cheese & Egg Salad Bagel Sandwich is so simple and satisfying!
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A delicious recipe that can be eaten for any meal! The Air Fryer Ham, Cheese & Egg Salad Bagel Sandwich is so simple and satisfying! #airfryer #hamandcheese #airfryerbagel
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:5 minutes



  • Place one slice of ham and one slice of cheese on each bagel.
  • Place bagels in air fryer and cook on 375 for 5 minutes.  Cook until ham is warm and bread is cooked to your desire.
  • While bagels are cooking, prepare Avocado Egg Salad.
  • Divide egg salad onto each bagel and serve warm!


Calories: 722kcal | Carbohydrates: 59g | Protein: 34g | Fat: 37g | Saturated Fat: 11g | Cholesterol: 331mg | Sodium: 1423mg | Potassium: 429mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 280IU | Calcium: 221mg | Iron: 1.9mg
Servings: 4
Calories: 722kcal
Author: Amy

Photo Credit:  Jennifer Draper

A delicious recipe that can be eaten for any meal! The Air Fryer Ham, Cheese & Egg Salad Bagel Sandwich is so simple and satisfying! #airfryer #hamandcheese #airfryerbagel

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