Supporting Digestion to Reduce Bloating and Reflux with Bethany Frazier, RD

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 44

Do you struggle with bloating and reflux? Well, it may be a sign of a digestion issue.

On today’s episode, I have Bethany Frazier, a registered dietitian and owner of the Kansas City Dietitian Collective, a private nutrition practice specializing in personalized nutrition. Bethany is an integrative and functional dietitian specializing in gut health. She is a lover of really cheesy food puns and never shies away from any conversation about poop. She lives with her husband and three children in Overland Park. Today, we dive into ways to reduce bloating and reflux to help with digestion, symptoms of not digesting fats properly, vitamin D, restrictive dieting, how to help reflux, and leaning into your own intuition and listening to your body! 

Bethany gave so many great tips and helpful things you can do to support your digestion in today’s episode. A lot of it starts with getting in tune with yourself and what you are needing. Honoring your body’s needs and overall well-being starts with a shift in mindset towards neutrality and making decisions daily that align with what is best for your body.

Be an advocate for your own health and know that every person is different so figuring out what you need may take time in your healing journey.

This was a great episode and one that you are going to want to tune in to if you are having trouble with digestion!

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  • Digestion
  • Reflux
  • Bloating
  • Reduce bloating and reflux
  • Gut health
  • Ways to help with digestion
  • Symptoms of not properly digesting fats
  • Vitamin D
  • Restrictive dieting
  • How to help reflux
  • Leaning into your own intuition about what your body needs



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