How can overexercising and under-eating affect your hormones and menstrual cycle? with Brittany Wehrle, MS, RD, CSSD

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 53

I have Brittany Wehrle, MS, RD, CSSD on the podcast to share how overexercising and undereating have an effect on your hormones and menstrual cycle.

We dive into the different phases of the menstrual cycle and how they impact our overall well-being. 

Brittany shares what a “textbook perfect” cycle would look like for a middle-aged woman. She explains that a regular cycle should last between 21 and 35 days and be relatively consistent in length across months and years. Cycles should be relatively absent of pain, although some cramping can be normal. We also shared the importance of tracking your cycles and any changes should be seen as a red flag.

We chatted about the different phases of the menstrual cycle, including the follicular phase and the luteal phase. The follicular phase is the first half of the cycle, leading up to ovulation, while the luteal phase is the second half after ovulation. A luteal phase of at least ten days is ideal for hormone balance and fertility.

Brittany shares how diet and exercise can affect our hormones and she gives tips on how to support a healthy cycle through nutrition and movement.

We discussed the relationship between clean eating, menstrual cycles, and overall health. Brittany debunked the misconception that painful periods are inevitable and explained how progesterone levels influence temperature changes and the menstrual cycle.

Brittany shares about the significance of self-care during menstruation and how to navigate societal pressures around exercise and clean eating. We talk about balance and self-awareness and how our bodies are all unique and need individualized care. We talk more on the impact of caffeine and really focus on giving you the space to make informed decisions when it comes to your body.

Each person’s journey to optimal health is unique and requires patience, self-awareness, and a focus your own individual needs.

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  • Importance of understanding and taking care of menstrual cycles
  • Lack of education about healthy cycles and proper care
  • Negative effects of over-exercising
  • A “textbook perfect” cycle
  • Tracking cycles to identify irregularities
  • Different phases of the menstrual cycle
  • Relationship between clean eating, menstrual cycles, and overall health
  • Addressing missing periods due to under-eating
  • Healing process and addressing underlying issues with food and body control
  • Importance of rest days and avoiding over-exercising


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