Regulation and Self-Care Practices that Strengthen Your Resilience with Kathleen Harnish McKune & Tim DeWeese

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 45

Today, I have my friend Kathleen McKune and Tim DeWeese on to talk more about regulation and self-care practices and the idea of building and strengthening our resilience. Kathleen is the CEO and co-founder of TeamTech, a Kansas City based strategic facilitation firm. A master facilitator, Kathleen has been helping groups big and small identity and reach their goals for over 30 years.

Kathleen and her sisters bring lived experienced and a trauma-informed lens to their workshops. Now in partnership with JoCo Mental Health Center and WBHN, two community-wide resilience building campaigns are underway, Remarkably Resilient Together ™.

Tim DeWeese is the Director of Johnson County Mental Health Center. He is a Licensed Mental Health Professional in Kansas and has over 30 years of experience in community mental health, where he has worked in various capacities. 

We dive further into the feelings of inadequacy and comparison that social media can bring which can ultimately impact mental well-being. We talk about how awareness is often the first step in addressing mental health conditions.

Kathleen and Tim have made it an important mission to help others “fill their resiliency cup”, with awareness being at the forefront of that mission.

We discuss the importance of self-care and resilience and give some examples as well because self-care can truly look different for everyone.

This was a powerful conversation with both Kathleen and Tim about building resiliency, regulation, and self-care and I hope that this conversation helped you today.

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