Fitness Mindset & Habits for Success with Seneca McCue

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 43

Today, we are talking all about fitness!

I have Seneca McCue on to share more about fitness mindset and habits! Seneca is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, entrepreneur, and registered nurse. She is the founder of the TRANSFORM Strength & Yoga Program, the Fitness Director & Yoga teacher for the Metabolism Makeover, and has been a nurse for 19 years. She is also a certified Flexibility and Stretch Coach and holds multiple certifications from TRX. This year Seneca was featured in Women’s Fitness Magazine as a yoga expert! Today we discuss more about exercising and fitness and incorporating it into your life. 

Seneca shares her personal journey from dancing when she was a child to using exercise to heal her body after severe pelvic floor damage. We talk more incorporating movement that you love to do, the importance of rest days, and the shift that has happened in exercise. 

Do movement that makes you happy and do not feel like you have to do a 45 minute workout in order to get movement in. A 10-minute walk around the block should be celebrated in fitness! Seneca even adds that it is not mandatory to push yourself to the point of excessive sweating and not being able to breathe in order to have an effective workout. 

Scheduling that time to get some sort of movement in that brings you joy is worth it. It can help boost your mood and give you more energy. Find your “why” behind why you want to exercise.

Exercise shouldn’t be just for losing weight but much deeper than that – something that will help you stay consistent and keep pushing forward. It should be some sort of movement that gets you excited to workout and get out of bed each morning.

To help you stay motivated and accountable, figure out what works best for you – in home workouts or gym workouts, set goals, and celebrate the small victories along your journey. Prioritizing self-care and continuing to remember your “why” behind your movement can help you stick to your routine!

This was a great conversation with Seneca and I hope it encourages you to get some movement in that you enjoy!

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  • Exercise
  • Finding joy in movement
  • Fitness mindset
  • Your “why” behind movement



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