Challenging the Status Quo for a Healthier Future with Dr. Jess Bohlke

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 35

Are you leaning into your intuition when it comes to your health?

Today, I am joined by Dr. Jess Bohlke, a holistic chiropractor in Kansas City. When faced with a rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer at just 20 years old, Jess discovered the power of trusting her intuition and exploring unconventional healing methods. Jess has made it her mission since that cancer diagnosis to come alongside other people on their journey, no matter where they’re at, or where they’ve been, to help them take the next step toward healing.

On today’s episode, Jess shares her story that led to her cancer diagnosis. She opens up about her battle with cancer and how her faith and determination led her to a unique holistic treatment center. We chat about how Jess’s faith in God helped give her the intuition that she needed and led her through her journey. We talk about how holistic treatment is different from traditional chemo treatment, learning to lean into your body’s inner wisdom and honoring it, and not letting fear into your journey. Jess shares more about how her holistic treatment looked like, how long her treatment lasted, and how her final scan came back cancer free within 7 weeks. We talk about life lessons that Jess learned through this journey, how we need to learn to find joy in whatever our journey looks like in life, and how we have the power to control how messy or hard our circumstances get by changing our viewpoint on how we see life. 

By learning to trust her inner wisdom, Jess challenges the status quo and encourages others to step into their own truth when it comes to their health and well-being.

After listening to today’s episode, I hope you feel empowered, inspired, seen, and heard. When women share their stories, we give other women the permission to do the same and to step into their truth. Society tells us things are supposed to be a certain way, but we are here today to challenge those thoughts for women to step into their own truth and not settle for what they have been told. We have to find joy in our journey no matter what path we’re on. That journey may be heartbreaking and it may be awful sometimes, but it is a beautiful journey that God has laid out for us.

I hope you are as inspired by Jess’s story as I have been. Let me know what you thought about today’s episode on Instagram: @loveyourbodywell

Key Takeaways with Timestamps:

  • 1:10 — Jess’s Healing Journey Interview
  • 14:06 — Healing Cancer Holistically
  • 25:41 — Alternative Cancer Treatment Experience
  • 30:27 — Healing From Cancer
  • 36:23 — Overcoming Cancer and Finding Purpose
  • 43:14 — Finding Meaning in Life’s Journey
  • 50:45 — Navigating Marriage and Health Challenges


  • Leaning into your intuition
  • Discovering the root of true healing from the inside out
  • Ovarian cancer diagnosis
  • Faith in God
  • Holistic treatment
  • How holistic treatment is different from traditional chemo treatment
  • Finding joy in whatever our journey looks like in life
  • How we have the power to control how messy or hard our circumstances get by changing our viewpoint on how we see life.



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