Intuitively Decluttering Your Mind, Body & Home with Kate Troyer

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 65

I have brought on Kate Troyer, aka Feng Shui Kate, to share more about the significance of decluttering and the practice of Feng shui. Kate shares more about her journey from home saying to Feng shui and really hones in on the relationship between clutter and self-perception. 

Feng shui is often misunderstood as just rearranging furniture for better energy flow.

Kate really helped us understand that Feng shui the concept as a wellness practice, where the home is a reflection of the subconscious. She explained the importance of awareness in recognizing how our homes mirror our personal experiences and emotions.

Kate defines clutter as anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, including the non-physical, such as negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Clutter can actually block new opportunities and experiences. Decluttering really helps us in so many aspects!

Tune in as Kate shares more about decluttering your mind, body, and home!

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  • Kate Troyer’s journey from home staging and design consulting to becoming a feng shui practitioner
  • Feng shui as a wellness practice for the home
  • Impact of feng shui on emotional well-being and connecting personal experiences with living space
  • Practical application of feng shui and its deeper understanding
  • Concept of clutter and its impact on well-being
  • Connection between clutter and body image
  • Creating space for personal growth and transformation
  • Embracing and connecting with your space for inner peace and wellness



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