How Getting Connected With Your Body Can Help You Heal with Reilly Dodd, LCPC

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 61

How can getting connected with your body help you heal?

I have brought on Reilly Dodd, a licensed clinical professional counselor. She is going to discuss the importance of addressing self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Many people suffer with self-doubt and limiting beliefs silently, because they are afraid of judgment. We both share personal experiences of overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and we dive deeper into how the impact that society can have on our self-esteem. 

Reilly shares more about self-compassion without conditions, explaining that it involves holding space for our pain and suffering without judgment. We discussed how self-compassion can be challenging because it may not have been modeled or taught to us, but it is essential for healing and taking action.

We discussed the harmful effects of commenting on people’s bodies and the importance of being mindful of our language and actions.

Reilly and I acknowledged that society often praises weight loss, even when it may be a sign of someone struggling with their mental and physical health.

Reilly and I talked about how it is important to be careful in how we talk about our own bodies and other people’s bodies. This is especially important during the holiday season when comments about appearance are common. We also talk more about the role of parents in unintentionally passing on unhealthy messages.

We are still on a journey of unlearning harmful beliefs and behaviors, and it’s okay to have these thoughts and feelings but it’s important to try to grow and change.

Be gentle with yourself and others, and work to recognize where unlearning and healing can take place.

I want this episode to be a reminder to you to have compassion without conditions and to take time to reconnect with yourself.

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  • Importance of addressing self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Personal journeys of overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • Normalizing the experience of self-doubt and reminding others that therapists are human too
  • Healing and breaking the cycle of unhealthy beliefs and behaviors
  • Importance of developing a relationship with yourself and extending self-compassion
  • Importance of vulnerability and reframing thoughts
  • Self-compassion without conditions and the harmful effects of commenting on people’s bodies



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