When Being Healthy Becomes an Obsession: A Conversation about Orthorexia with Sabrina Magnan

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 52

We are diving into the topic of orthorexia, an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating and I have Sabrina Magnan to share more about that.

We talk more about the societal pressure and influence of social media that contribute to this mindset. We also chat through the emotional aspects of food and how it can affect our relationship with our bodies.

Sabrina shares the importance of addressing the underlying fears and beliefs that drive restrictive mindsets, and the significance of self-awareness in overcoming this obsession.

It’s crucial to understand that there’s a fine line between healthy habits and an unhealthy obsession with clean eating.

The key lies in recognizing the emotions and intentions behind our food choices. If breaking food rules causes anxiety and stress, or if guilt or punishment drives our intentions, these could be signs of an unhealthy obsession.

We talk a little about navigating dietary restrictions due to medical conditions and how that can at times feel restrictive but it’s about the intention behind it. Sabrina gives practical advice for those who are struggling in tis area. 

Sabrina emphasized the importance of listening to your body and understanding its signals. It’s about tuning into our intentions and feelings, and making choices that align with what truly feels good for us individually. She provided tips and strategies for making healthier choices without falling into unhealthy obsessions or restrictive thinking.

We both stress the importance of seeking help if you need. You don’t have to face this battle alone. I hope this conversation about orthorexia helped you to not feel alone in this and that you can heal.

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  • Orthorexia, an unhealthy obsession with being healthy
  • The fine line between healthy habits and unhealthy obsession with clean eating
  • Importance of recognizing emotions and intentions behind food choices
  • Factors contributing to the rise of orthorexia
  • Navigating dietary restrictions due to medical conditions for those with a history of disordered eating
  • Addressing underlying fears and beliefs that drive food rules and restrictive mindsets
  • Importance of listening to your body and understanding its signals
  • Tips and strategies for making healthier choices without falling into unhealthy obsessions or restrictive thinking
  • Importance of seeking help and support



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