What to do after an indulgence with Brittany Carpenter, MS, RDN/LD

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 6

Today I am joined by Brittany Carpenter, MS, RDN/LD. Brittany is a functional medicine dietitian who specializes in women’s health. She helps women get to the bottom of their fatigue, gut problems, and hormone complaints. Brittany runs a team of dietitians who help women around the country find answers to their health concerns through targeted functional testing and strategic realistic action.

Brittany and I chat about what to do after an indulgent weekend or day, whether that be a holiday or a night out with the girls. We talk about how it’s okay to enjoy your favorite foods, getting out of the “all or nothing” mindset, listening to your body and what it needs, and why restricting yourself doesn’t work after an indulgent weekend.

I hope that you remember to extend grace to yourself. Indulging in food does not mean you have to punish yourself later. It’s ok to enjoy food. We don’t have to stay in an “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to our food. If you need this reminder, tune in to today’s episode and really truly hear what Brittany and I are saying. 

This was such a great conversation with Brittany and I hope this episode was helpful for you and allowed you to really remember to listen to your body and love it well. I’d love to hear what you thought about this episode on Instagram! @loveyourbodywell


  • What to do after an indulgence
  • How it’s okay to enjoy your favorite foods
  • Getting out of the “all or nothing” mindset
  • Why restricting yourself doesn’t work
  • Extending yourself some grace 



Nourishment from the inside out. 

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