How Motherhood Can Empower Your Health with Amy Slater

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 12

How can motherhood empower your health? On today’s episode, I am chatting with Amy Slater. Amy is a practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, an Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist and multi-certified personal trainer. Amy is most passionate about helping women stop normalizing dysfunction and obtain the habits that help elevate their health through functional lab testing and strategic implementation. Amy and I talk about how motherhood can empower your health. Amy is a mom of two sets of twins and she was driven to begin her practice after experiencing a downward health spiral after her first set of twins were born.

Amy shares part of her story and how she made health a priority in her life and the journey that led to her discovery of functional medicine. We talk about why it is important to give yourself the grace of time to find the healing you need as you navigate the hardships of motherhood.

We discuss what functional medicine is, how it differs from western medicine and what it can do for you. Amy talks about how we need to focus on “life performance” by making small changes in habits and she shares some ideas for small simple habits that mother’s can do.

You deserve to be the mom that you want to be, and feel the way that you feel your best and know that everything that your body’s been through and the season that you’re in right now has led you to this space for a reason.

This was an amazing conversation with Amy and I where we chat about empowering ourselves as mothers. I can’t wait for you to listen!

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  • Functional medicine
  • Giving yourself the grace of time to find the healing you need
  • What functional medicine is and how does it differs from western medicine
  • “Life performance” and making small changes in habits



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