The Gift of Perspective with Lindsey Roy

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 59

This conversation with Lindsey Roy was a powerful one on the gift of perspective. Lindsey is a woman of incredible resilience who has overcome tremendous challenges in her life. She shares more about her story and the boating accident that resulted in the amputation of her leg, and later a double lung transplant due to an autoimmune disease.

Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, and I believe it will resonate deeply with listeners who have struggled with body image, healing, and finding peace.

She shares her inspiring journey of healing and how she found strength to persevere through her obstacles. We chat more about resilience and discuss how her experiences have truly shaped her perspective on life. Lindsey explains the importance of finding purpose in pain and how it can lead to personal growth.

We talked a lot about finding purpose in the pain. Lindsey and I chatted more about how it takes time to nurture and grow that purpose. We also talked about the importance of normalizing the struggle and recognizing that healing is not a linear journey.

Lindsey and I chat more about the misconception that people have it all together. We also talk about the belief that by sharing our struggles, we can inspire and support one another.

I am grateful to Lindsey for her bravery in sharing her story and allowing God to use her pain for a higher purpose. If you’re going through your own dark times, I hope you find hope and borrow belief from Lindsey’s story.

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  • Lindsey’s story of resilience and overcoming challenges
  • Body image and finding healing and peace
  • Lindsey’s thoughts on resilience and how her previous experience prepared her for her lung transplant
  • Finding purpose in pain and introduction of Lindsey’s book, “The Gift of Perspective”
  • Lindsey’s perspective on her body changing after the accident
  • Importance of vulnerability and taking rest while still moving forward
  • Choice to stay in pain or move through it
  • Pain becoming a prison or a platform



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