Living in a Shame Cycle and How to Get Out of it with Alyssa Booth, MA, LPC

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 60

Do you feel like you’re living in a cycle of shame?

I have Alyssa Booth, a licensed professional counselor, on the show to dive into the topic of body shame and its impact on our lives. We explore how societal beauty standards and the influence of social media can contribute to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. We discuss the harmful cycle of shame and restrictive eating, and how breaking free from societal expectations is crucial for our well-being.

Shame can be a powerful force that prevents us from showing up authentically. It makes us believe that something is wrong with us and that we need to seek approval and validation from others. This can lead to a cycle of restrictive eating, secret overeating, and feelings of guilt and self-blame.

It’s so important to break free from this cycle and challenge societal norms and expectations. Open and honest conversations about body image and self-acceptance are okay.

So many are silently struggling with these issues and you are not alone.

Alyssa encourages you to seek help and healing, and it’s ok to seek support on your journey towards self-love and body positivity.

Tune in to discover ways to embrace your body with love and acceptance.

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  • Importance of creating a safe space to discuss shame
  • Alyssa’s background and focus on eating disorders, anxiety, body image, and trauma
  • Importance of hope, support, and community in the healing process
  • Negative impact of surrounding yourself with body negativity
  • Role of social media in body image and self-acceptance
  • Negative impact of societal pressure and dieting at a young age
  • Role of shame in preventing authenticity and self-acceptance
  • Importance of being true to yourself and not compromising for others
  • Practicing self-compassion and validating emotions
  • Importance of seeking help and finding healing



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