The Weight of Healing with Dr. Stefani Reinold

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 48

Dr. Stefani Reinold is joining me to discuss the weight of healing. She shares her own personal healing journey and she opens up about what led her to pursue functional medicine.

Dr. Stefani and I discussed the challenges of healing and the mindset required for the journey. We emphasized that going through a difficult season doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong or that you’re being punished by God.

As a functional medicine provider, Dr. Stefani explained that healing takes hard work and there’s no magic pill or supplement that can fix everything. Healing may feel uncomfortable, but it’s important to remember that perfection is not the goal. Improving the best of your body’s ability is what is important.

We also talked about the importance of redefining health and wellness beyond physical appearance. Society often links health to a certain look, but it is about so much more than that. Letting go of unrealistic expectations is crucial.

Rest and quality sleep is so important in improving overall well-being. Our culture tends to prioritize constant productivity and always seeking the next thing, but I want to encourage you to slow down and prioritize rest. We also talked about the importance of finding nourishment and spiritual fulfillment in life.

We chat about how society often dictates what healing should look like which leads to feelings of inadequacy when traditional methods don’t work. Dr. Stefani explained the importance of getting quiet and understanding your true needs, even if it means making difficult decisions or letting go of certain responsibilities.

We touched on the role of church in the healing process while also acknowledging that church can sometimes be a source of trauma for some. I want to encourage you to remember that you are not alone in your healing journey and want to urge you to find someone you can connect with.

Remember, the journey to wellness is not a sprint but a marathon. It’s about embracing the season of life you’re in and finding what works best for you. It’s about loving and caring for your right now body, even when it’s hard. Most importantly, it’s about finding beauty in the process.

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  • Importance of mindset in your healing journey
  • Redefining health and wellness beyond physical appearance
  • Significance of rest and quality sleep in overall well-being
  • Finding nourishment and spiritual fulfillment in life
  • Overcommitment and the need to prioritize



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