7 Tips to Mother Yourself this Holiday Season

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As we approach this holiday season, I want to share about the concept of “mothering yourself”. It is so important to prioritize self-care. I’m sharing practical tips to help you maintain your physical, mental, and financial wellness during this time.

Here are 7 ways you can mother yourself during this busy time:

1. Establish a Nourishing Bedtime Routine

Turn down the lights, put away your phones, and create a routine that sets you up for success the next day. Breaking the habit of staying up late can be challenging, but rest and sleep are crucial for our physical and mental health.

2. Avoid Procrastination

Don’t wait until the night before to do all of your holiday shopping or baking. Plan ahead, assess your calendars, and avoid unnecessary stress.

3. Prioritize

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks! Make a list, start shopping early, and remember that your joy and your family’s joy are more important than running from task to task without taking a break.

4. Focus on What Truly Matters

Pick a few important activities and enjoy quality time with your family. Remember, removing some things from your schedule won’t negatively impact your children. They value time spent with you more than a busy schedule.

5. Incorporate Healthy Foods

Especially during the holiday season, make sure to have fruits and vegetables in your meals. Start your day off right with a healthy breakfast.

6. Get Outside

Connect with nature even in the winter. Even if the weather is challenging, the benefits of fresh air and sunlight are worth it!

7. Avoid Toxic Individuals

Minimize the impact of people who make you feel bad about yourself. Prepare yourself mentally for any tension or negativity that may arise during holiday gatherings.

During the holiday season, it’s also important to maintain a healthy mindset surrounding food and body image. If you’ve experienced negative effects due to diets or comments from family members about weight or body image, make a conscious effort to handle these situations by not engaging in conversations about weight loss or body image.

Financial wellness is another aspect to consider during the holiday season. Be thoughtful about your spending. By living within your means and considering whether purchases are truly necessary, you can reduce stress and find a balance between saving and enjoying your money.

The holiday season can also be a time of grief. Make space for your emotions and seek support if needed. As we move into the new year, remember to extend the same encouragement you give to your loved ones to yourself. You are worthy of self-care, too.

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Let’s continue to love and care for our bodies well.

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  • Tips for self-care during the holiday season
  • Prioritizing and not overwhelming yourself with tasks
  • Focusing on what truly matters
  • Incorporating fruits and vegetables into meals
  • Getting outside and getting fresh air and sunlight
  • Avoiding spending time with people who make you feel bad about yourself
  • Strategies for maintaining a healthy mindset surrounding food and body image
  • Taking breaks from screen time
  • Financial wellness and avoiding financial strain during the holiday season
  • Acknowledging grief during the holiday season



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