5 Step to Create a Wellness Vision with Jill Tant, NBC-HWC

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 63

Happy New Year! This is usually the time of year that most people decide to focus on health and wellness. My guest, Jill Tant, a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach and the founder of Waterfall Wellness Coaching, has a perspective for you to consider when focusing on health and wellness. She discusses the importance of creating a wellness vision for the new year, with a focus on self-love and maintaining a positive mindset.

Creating a wellness vision is a structured process and Jill is sharing the five steps to creating that wellness vision:

1. Identifying Values

2. Finding Motivation

3. Determining Desires

4. Setting Action Steps

5. Crafting a Vision Statement

Jill also shares the importance of personalized goals that reflect individual values and the need for realistic, achievable objectives. Regular check-ins with your wellness vision are important to reassess and adjust as needed.

Think about your aspirations and values for the upcoming year and focus on them with love and kindness to your body. I hope that this episode motivates you to kick off the new year with a wellness vision that is clear, purposeful, and sustainable.

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  • Importance of creating a wellness vision for the new year
  • Creating a wellness vision rooted in self-love and positive outlook on health and wellness
  • Five steps of creating a wellness vision: identifying values, finding motivation, determining desires, setting action steps, and crafting a vision statement
  • Challenges of making positive behavior changes
  • Importance of checking in with wellness vision regularly


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