How to Incorporate Non-Diet Meal Planning to Get Dinner on the Table with Ann Kent, MS, RD

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 64

Do you struggle with meal planning? Today’s episode is just for you!

I’ve brought on Ann Kent, Registered Dietitian and the owner of Peas and Hoppiness, to share more about meal planning strategies tailored for hectic family lives! 

Meal planning doesn’t have to mean dieting and it doesn’t have to feel stressful. Ann encourages non-diet meal planning to streamline your process and get dinner on the table stress-free.

She shares a three-step process for meal planning:

Step One: Assess Your Week

The first step is to take a look at your weekly schedule and determine how many people you’ll need to feed each day.

Step Two: Decide When and What to Cook

Ann’s second step is to decide not only what to cook but also when to cook. She recommends not cooking every single day. 

Step Three: Find Recipes and Meal Ideas

The final step involves finding recipes and meal ideas. Ann suggests using meal planning services or curated recipes to add variety without the stress of endless searching.

The mental load of meal planning can be hard and there is a need for flexibility and grace. It’s so important to find a balance that works for you and your family and to avoid striving for perfection!

Remember, the journey to loving your body well is unique to each of us, and meal planning can be a beautiful part of that journey.

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  • Meal planning and wellness for women
  • Making mealtime easier for busy families with a non-diet approach
  • Personalizing meal plans and finding balance without being a part of diet culture
  • Ann’s three-step process for making meal planning easier for busy schedules
  • Challenges of meal planning and evolving in different seasons of life
  • Importance of fitting meal plans around your life
  • Strategies for deciding when and what to cook
  • Finding recipes and meal ideas without feeling overwhelmed
  • Practical insights and strategies for making meal planning more manageable and less stressful
  • Emphasizing the importance of personalization, joy, and balance in nourishing the body and mind



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