Kids + Body Image: How to Have a Positive Impact with Keri Cooper, LCSW

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 57

Teaching our kids about body image often can feel hard. I have Keri Cooper, holistic psychotherapist, on to share more about this concept of a healthy body image and self-talk.

As a parent, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to navigate the topic of body image with your children. I’ve personally grappled with body image struggles and understand the importance of prioritizing holistic wellness. Keri explained the importance of setting boundaries and modeling self-care for children. She also shared the impact of body image and self-talk on children and the fear parents often have of passing on negative body image issues.

We discussed the importance of addressing body image and healthy habits with both boys and girls. We agreed that it’s not just mothers who play a role in shaping body image, but fathers as well. We’ve observed more dads with body issues and extreme dieting habits, which can also influence their children.

Social media also plays a significant role in shaping body image.

The pressure that social media can place on us even as young kids is worrisome. As parents, it’s so important to model healthy behaviors so they can learn from us first and foremost. Some ways that parents can model these healthy behaviors are things like sitting down to eat with our children and not engaging in extreme diets or strange eating patterns.

We also talked about exercise. Exercise is not just about physical health. It’s also so important for your mental health. Keri and I encourage parents to make exercise a fun and enjoyable activity for their children. It’s essential to strike a balance and not label foods as good or bad, but focus on their nutritional value. We also discussed the need to break away from diet culture and create new patterns that promote a healthier mindset regarding body image and exercise.

Keri reassures us as parents that we can support our children’s inner voice and confidence, even if you also struggle with body image.

We also discuss how to handle children struggling with body image or eating disorders, and the importance of  seeking professional help if needed. I want today’s conversation to inspire you to help raise the next generation of people who have a healthy body image.

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  • Setting boundaries and modeling self-care for children
  • Pressure of hustle culture and finding balance in children’s schedules
  • Impact of body image and self-talk on children
  • Influence of social media on body image
  • Importance of addressing body image and healthy habits with both boys and girls
  • Modeling healthy behaviors and avoiding extreme diets
  • Importance of exercise for mental health and making it enjoyable for children
  • Teaching children about balanced eating and listening to hunger cues
  • Importance of family dinners and involving children in meal planning and cooking
  • Accepting and embracing natural body weight, not projecting insecurities onto children
  • Challenges parents may face with body image or eating disorders in children
  • Importance of recognizing the issue and seeking specialized help if needed
  • Supporting siblings of children with eating disorders



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