I stopped dieting 5 years ago… Here’s what I’ve learned

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SHOW NOTES: Episode 46

Five years ago I stopped dieting after being on a diet for most of my life. I want to say first and foremost, that if you’re on a diet currently, I’m not telling you that you are wrong or bad. What I want to help you understand is if you see anything in mystery that you might relate to, I just want you to get curious. I got to a point where I was burnt out and tired of constantly dieting and I ultimately decided to stop. I share why with you and what I have learned since stopping. 

Here are the things I have learned since I stopped dieting:

1. Starving myself to get skinny might have worked in the moment, but you are going to pay the price someday.

I wish I could give that girl a hug who believed she had to starve herself to skinny. 

2. Learning to reframe my idea of structure (tracking).

This is something I am still working on. I have tracked my meals for years and I have always considered it as part of “dieting” but every coaching program I have done since stopping dieting, there has been some sort of tracking which often left me feeing panicked because it was triggering. I think it’s important to evaluate where you are and be honest with yourself. Don’t tell yourself that you shouldn’t track. Look at it as a data standpoint only.

3. Not everything I learned while dieting was bad.

Some things that I learned such as eating more veggies, moving my body and being active, drinking more water – those things are not bad. Diet culture often takes these things to an obsessive level. Try not to get obsessed with it 

4. It’s okay for you to change your mind about the food you eat, the workout you do, or the wellness habits that you have that are important to you at this given time.

Our bodies change and they have different needs. Things may need to look different for your nutrition, workout, or wellness in general at this time.

5. Sometimes in order to love your body well, that means activities or foods or people have to be removed.

I think often we are told that this is diet mentality, but it really is just taking care of your body. My ultimate goal is to feel really good in my body. When it comes to the choices I make, I want them rooted in self love.

6. Wanting to lose weight isn’t a bad thing.

This is tricky subject. If you want to feel more comfortable in your skin, if you want to move easier throughout your life, and in order to do that, being in a smaller body that you currently are, would help that feeling, I don’t want you to feel guilty about it. I also don’t want you to get obsessed with it.

7. Sleep is more important than my workout.

This is hard for me. Getting in bed earlier and making sure that I am getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night is more important than my workout. Your body heals when it sleeps and it’s necessary.

8. There’s so much more to being healthy than just being at a health weight.

Checking in on your stress, sleep, relationships, moving your body in a way you enjoy – all of this plays a role in your health.

It all starts with your mind. It starts with how you are talking to yourself. If you are waking up each morning and shaming yourself for the body size you are in, try to flip the script and honor yourself today.

I know you can learn to love your body well. I know you can be brave. I know you can do it.

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